Is your property painted and showing signs of age?

Is the surface covered in moss/algae/staining from drains or down pipes?

Tired of painting your house every few years?

Our Service

We specialise in stone cleaning and restoration using our Doff steam system which enables us to transform the look of your property.

Using our specialist adjustable temperature and pressure steam cleaning technology and trained staff, we can clean almost any surface you desire.

So whether you are maintaining your property or preparing your property for sale, we provide surface cleaning solutions with care and outstanding results.

Paint Removal

When a decision is made to paint a stone structure it is usually to improve the overall look of the property. This process is then repeated over the years and moisture will begin to get trapped between each layer causing dampness and deterioration of the surface below. We specialise in the removal of entire painted buildings removing such issues and cleaning the stone underneath to its original form.

We undertake paint removal from buildings and houses. Using our Doff system we can remove the layers of paint from your property restoring it to its original form as it would have been when built. This also reduces maintenance and allows the stonework to breath as it should.

Surface Pollutant

Leaking downpipes and drains are a common cause of discolouration and staining to stone and paintwork. Years of continual build-up can cause lasting staining which cannot be removed by high pressured water. Using steam with temperatures that reach 150 degrees Celsius, Keystone Preservation have an overwhelming success rate in removing pollutants from a building surface whilst causing zero damage to the stonework.

Temperatures are lowered for painted surfaces to ensure only the stains are removed and the paintwork remains chip-free.

Biological Matter

The build up of biological matter over several years will result in staining to a buildings surface. The use of high pressured water does not only fail to remove the biological matter and subsequent staining but it also causes lasting damage to the surface. Keystone are able to remove moss, algae, fungi and other biological matter using only steam. The high pressure kills off spores meaning there is no need to use a chemical biocide during the removal process as a protection against the return of further biological matter.


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