Keystone Preservation – Protecting your Property and the Environment


We pride ourselves on the results we can offer clients, cleaning and protecting your property. In addition to offering services to residential, commercial and historical clients, did you know that our equipment and service is also environmentally friendly?


No chemicals


The DOFF equipment we use is specifically designed to clean at a high temperature using only steam. You can read more about DOFF here, but this essentially means that there’s nothing more than H2O being used on your property. By heating to 150 degrees, we ensure your property is sufficiently cleaned, without the need for additional chemicals.

This ensure that your property and the surrounding areas are not damaged in any way. By using zero chemicals, we are not only protecting your property, we are helping to preserve the area around your property. With no harmful gases in the air and no traces of chemicals draining into the ground, you’ll find that no plant life is affected by what we do.


No biological matter


Our DOFF system uses a low volume of superheated water and steam. The surface being cleaned does not suffer any damaging pressure, thermal shock or deep saturation. It also dries within minutes. We know biological matter can become a big problem, especially in older buildings, which can see facades and roofing affected by leaky downpipes, algae or moss growth and much more. Our equipment removes biological matter without damaging the surface being worked on, and the high temperature kills off spores and delays the regrowth process. This allows us to effectively clean historic and listed buildings.


We safely remove such biological growth, paint and more, without harming your property or any of its surrounding area. If you’re looking for a cleaning solution which is protecting your property and the environment simultaneously, please get in touch to arrange a quote.

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