21st Dec 2016

Protecting our Heritage

As well as cleaning both commercial and residential properties, Keystone Preservation are experts in restoring heritage sites. Whether it’s a local castle, ancient wall or listed building, we can work with the owners to ensure the property is preserved through our non-evasive cleaning service.   Cleaning natural dirt build-up   Most heritage buildings have been … Continued

5th Dec 2016

Watch Out for Winter – Prepare Your Home

When it comes to preparing your home for winter, many of us think of cranking up the heating, digging out the thick curtains and draught excluders and looking out the Christmas decorations. Yet we often forget that the exterior of our homes need preparation any winter damage too.   It’s now the season for storms, … Continued

30th Nov 2016

Cladding Cleaning – Keeping Your Building Good as New

When it comes to your workplace facilities management, cladding cleaning may not be at the top of your list. However, there are many benefits to keeping your roofing and exterior clean.   At Keystone Preservation, we offer a cladding cleaning service second to none. With our ultra-high temperature steam cleaning equipment, you can trust us … Continued

23rd Nov 2016

Keystone Preservation – Protecting your Property and the Environment

We pride ourselves on the results we can offer clients, cleaning and protecting your property. In addition to offering services to residential, commercial and historical clients, did you know that our equipment and service is also environmentally friendly?   No chemicals   The DOFF equipment we use is specifically designed to clean at a high … Continued

17th Nov 2016

Reaching New Cleaning Heights – Hinowa Spiderlift

In addition to our excellent DOFF steam cleaning devices, we use various other equipment to safely and accurately clean your building. For most buildings, we also rely on the Hinowa Spiderlift, which allows us to reach new cleaning heights.   What is a Spiderlift? The Hinowa Spiderlift is a high performance, compact tracked aerial platform. … Continued

4th Nov 2016

Winter Boat Maintenance – Marine Preservation Services from Keystone

The clocks have gone back and the days are getting colder. We’re now at the time of year where many boat owners will be thinking of taking their vessels out of the water and carrying out some routine boat maintenance over the coming cold season. At Keystone Preservation, we can help ensure the exterior of … Continued

27th Oct 2016

Why use Keystone Preservation on your listed building?

At Keystone Preservation, we don’t just focus on residential or commercial properties; we’re also specialists in preserving historic or listed buildings. Whether these buildings are privately owned or owned by a public body, we can clean and help preserve the exterior.   Chemical-free cleaning The main benefit of using Keystone to clean your listed building … Continued

18th Oct 2016

Clean up when you sell up

When you take the decision to sell your home, the first thought is to make it look inviting to potential buyers. There are countless articles as to what makes a home appealing, from fresh décor to inviting smells, but the exterior of a home also has a huge part to play in selling the house. … Continued

12th Oct 2016

Steam Cleaning or Pressure Washing – What’s the Difference?

When it comes to cleaning the exterior of your property, there are usually two main solutions available – steam cleaning or pressure washing. The two usually take the form of a fairly similar process in order to remove dirt and bacteria build up on your property, but there are significant differences between steam cleaning or … Continued

25th Sep 2016


A market leading system in the industry, Keystone Preservation uses DOFF Integra industrial surface cleaning systems for its intelligently engineered, advanced, chemical-free technology to help bring tired-looking, unclean buildings back to life.   How does it work?   DOFF Integra superheated water system works with a standard water supply which is used to fill the … Continued


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