Do you need help to remove the salt from your boat once it’s removed from the water?

Do you understand the importance of washing the salt residue from your boat?

Keystone can help you extend the life of your vessel without you having to do all the work

Our Service

There is no such thing as overkill when it comes to washing your boat. The most important task when having a boat in saltwater is to wash it regularly.  Salt will not only corrode the metal, fasteners and other hardware, it was damage the gel coat if left unwashed for too long.

Salt is the enemy to almost all surfaces and has several negative effects on anything it comes into contact with. Using our DOFF steam system we provide a total wash service that will leave your boat salt free. The ability to vary the pressure and temperature allows the us to remove salt and dirt from awkward areas that you are unable to reach by hand.

We understand that your boat is a major investment and appropriate care in preserving the exposed surfaces is paramount. Keystone are able to remove salt and dirt from deck areas to canopies, unblock drain holes and prevent corrosion to your gel coat surface.


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