Keystone Preservation Now on Grant Property Approved Supplier List


We have had a busy start to 2017 at Keystone Preservation, and are delighted to announce we have been added to the approved suppliers list for Grant Property.


We are pleased to have been added to the approved suppliers list for the property and investment management company under their improvement services. The appointment comes after the completion of a successful project in the Fountainbridge area of Edinburgh, which involved Keystone Preservation cleaning an entire 5 floor stairwell within a Grant Property managed building.


Grant Property is a leading property investment and management company headquartered in Edinburgh. With over 20 years of experience in the UK property market, they have many local offices throughout the UK, managing numerous valuable, secure and high-yielding portfolios.


Using our key DOFF equipment, we were able to safely and easily remove years of dirt build up and things like spilt paint from the stairwell. This project was vital to the remedial works carried out by Grant Property. They were so pleased with the success of our cleaning job that we have now been added to their approved supplier list.


One of the unique services Grant Property offers for landlords is Asset Improvement. This can cover anything from internal refurbishment to external works, in order to improve the property’s value and desirability.


The Fountainbridge project is just one of many we are able to complete for Grant Property and other property management or factoring companies on a regular basis. In addition to internal stairwells we are able to clean building facades, roofing, pathways and other communal areas. Not only do our services help with routine maintenance of shared accommodation properties, they an help with the preservation of the building as a whole.


We look forward to undertaking more works for other Grant Property managed buildings.

keystone-preservation-fountainbridge keystone-preservation-fountainbridge

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