The Cost of Painting Your Home


Repainting the outside of your house may bring new life to your home, but is it really worth-while in the long-term? Taking into account the cost of paint supplies, labour and painting conditions as affected by the unpredictable UK weather, there could be a more cost-effective and simple solution for you.


Painting over the cracks


Painting can certainly be a quick fix method to brightening up your homes exterior, particularly if you’re looking to sell your home. However, this might not be the most pocket-friendly in the long term.  Yes, it provides a short-term solution to the appearance of your house, but it does not rid you of the problems which lay underneath the paint.

For example, although houses will naturally become weather-worn over time, there could be underlying growth which could cause problems. This includes things like moss, algae and other bacterial growth, seeping its way into your roof and walls, spreading as quickly as it pleases.


Steam cleaning

Paint can’t fix this problem, but steam cleaning can. By opting to use a high-temperature, steam-based surface cleaner such as our DOFF equipment, your building can be gently cleaned with no aid of harmful chemicals. Our equipment heats up to 150 degrees, which is hot enough to not only remove, but also kill off, any bacterial growth. This means your home can look as fresh as new, while you keep any problem dirt and bacteria at bay. Not only will this improve the aesthetic of your home, it could prolong the life of your property’s façade and roof.


This is particularly useful if you have an older building, as things like sandstone and granite can be restored to good as new in most cases. This preserves the original look of your building without having to cover over, or undertake any major repairs as a result of bacterial damage. However it’s just as helpful on more modern homes, whether brickwork, cladding or rendered façade, delaying – or even eliminating – the need for a coat or two of paint.


Additionally, some more modern homes, which are finished with K-render, need to be cleaned first before a coat of paint can be applied. By opting for a steam cleaning solution like we provide, you could find yourself not even needing that coat of paint afterwards – saving you money in the long term.


So before you choose between soft cream and magnolia, get in touch with us to arrange a free quote for cleaning the exterior of your home. You may find that it’s a more purse-friendly and effective solution in the long run!

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