17th Feb 2017

The Cost of Painting Your Home

Repainting the outside of your house may bring new life to your home, but is it really worth-while in the long-term? Taking into account the cost of paint supplies, labour and painting conditions as affected by the unpredictable UK weather, there could be a more cost-effective and simple solution for you.   Painting over the … Continued

1st Feb 2017

Factors – Factoring in External Cleaning

Factoring companies are employed for the majority of multi-level housing in the UK, ensuring repairs and maintenance are routinely carried out. However, there is one area in which factors could be doing more to ensure the preservation and maintenance of their contracted buildings – they could be undertaking external cleaning.   Painting maintenance Painting is … Continued

5th Dec 2016

Watch Out for Winter – Prepare Your Home

When it comes to preparing your home for winter, many of us think of cranking up the heating, digging out the thick curtains and draught excluders and looking out the Christmas decorations. Yet we often forget that the exterior of our homes need preparation any winter damage too.   It’s now the season for storms, … Continued

18th Oct 2016

Clean up when you sell up

When you take the decision to sell your home, the first thought is to make it look inviting to potential buyers. There are countless articles as to what makes a home appealing, from fresh décor to inviting smells, but the exterior of a home also has a huge part to play in selling the house. … Continued


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