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The clocks have gone back and the days are getting colder. We’re now at the time of year where many boat owners will be thinking of taking their vessels out of the water and carrying out some routine boat maintenance over the coming cold season. At Keystone Preservation, we can help ensure the exterior of your boat remains in top condition.


Preparing for winter

Now the season has wound down, it’s time to prepare your boat for winter and ensure it’s protected. The way you look after your boat throughout the year, and particularly in winter, will determine your boat’s performance and longevity. By looking after your boat now, you could save yourself in costly repairs and boat maintenance come spring.


Cleaning and preserving

All boats require regular cleaning – particularly if they are harboured in salt water. When it comes to cleaning your boat there are a number of reasons why you should consider using a steam clean option like the service offered by us at Keystone Preservation.

First and foremost, the high temperature steam equipment we use is designed to thoroughly clean your vessel, removing any stains built up during the boating season. This includes the removal of any residue and typical weather stains, plus the removal of salt residue, if you boat in saltwater.

This is particularly important as salt is highly corrosive, and can wear away metal, fasteners and other hardware on your boat’s exterior. It can also impact on your gelcoat if left too long. By removing all harmful salt residue now, your boat will be well preserved through until spring.


In addition to removal, the high temperature steam also kills off any bacteria, resulting in the delay of any decay. This is worth bearing in mind throughout the year. In addition, the DOFF cleaning equipment we use operates with one main ingredient – high temperature H2O. This means there’s no harmful soaps or chemicals involved which may clean the surface of your boat, but have a corroding or damaging effect on paintwork, fastenings and so on.


By thoroughly cleaning and maintaining your boat in the winter, you can preserve your boat for longer, reducing any maintenance costs and launch delays come spring. For more information on our marine cleaning and preservation services please get in touch or give us a call on 0800 848 8464.

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