A market leading system in the industry, Keystone Preservation uses DOFF Integra industrial surface cleaning systems for its intelligently engineered, advanced, chemical-free technology to help bring tired-looking, unclean buildings back to life.


How does it work?


DOFF Integra superheated water system works with a standard water supply which is used to fill the Hotbox, where temperatures can be anything up to 150 degrees Celsius. The superheated combination of water and steam then flows through the specially engineered heat-resistant hose system at a rate of about 3 to 5 litres per minute, successfully removing a wide range of unwanted matter from a range of different surfaces without damage.


kp_page-images_equip-doff1Our machines are able to effectively remove most oil and plastic paint coatings, certain types of graffiti, bitumen, oil, grease, chewing gum as well as biological matter such as algae, moss, fungi and any general dirt and stains that build up over time. This equipment can be safely used on stone, brick and concrete buildings as well as metal and wooden surfaces and even and terracotta. Compared with other methods of cleaning buildings, using chemicals or even soaps, with DOFF the newly-cleaned surface dries rapidly to prevent any moisture being trapped, preventing any long-term damage or disfiguration.


Why use DOFF?


The Integra equpment we use is most commonly used in domestic, commercial and heritage building restorations. Highly recognised in the industry as a safe and efficient, DOFF cleaning systems is regarded a bonus when selling your property. With a long-lasting clean façade, it can help to add value to your house when putting it on the market. After all, a clean building simply looks better than a dirty one.


In the case of heritage buildings, ensuring a clean finish with no damage to the exterior can often be tricky. DOFF uses absolutely no chemicals, just pure water, making it a sensible and safe choice for restoration. Biological matter such as algae and moss, etc. is a leading cause in building decay, and our cleaning system can safely remove existing traces whilst sterilizing the area to delay regrowth. Although brilliant for keeping the building looking clean and inviting, DOFF is an essential in extending the life of the building.


Whether it’s just a portion of your building that’s needing spruced up, or the entire thing, at Keystone we choose DOFF for its safe and reliable results.

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