Watch Out for Winter – Prepare Your Home


When it comes to preparing your home for winter, many of us think of cranking up the heating, digging out the thick curtains and draught excluders and looking out the Christmas decorations. Yet we often forget that the exterior of our homes need preparation any winter damage too.


It’s now the season for storms, frost, snow and more, which means our homes have a lot to put up with over the next few months. However, if you prepare and look after the exterior, you could save yourself the hassle of lasting damage or long term repair once the winter weather kicks in.


Feel the chill

Most homes are well insulated, so we don’t always feel the effects of frost or snow clinging to our roofs and windows. However, frost and snow can trap in nasty bacterial growth which may have been breeding on your building surface throughout summer and autumn. Things like moss and algae can be preserved, ready to cause winter damage when the icy conditions start to thaw out.


This is why it’s important to give your building a good steam clean before the sub-zero temperatures set in. Ultra-high temperature cleaning will remove any growth currently on the surface, and will kill off any bacterial substance, which will help delay regrowth for longer.


Clean up for Christmas

Now’s the time to think about putting up your Christmas decorations, and for many that includes outdoor lighting. This could mean hanging lights with gutter hooks or perfectly positioning snowmen or reindeer on your lawn.

Either way, the look can be tainted by a weatherworn exterior. This is why you should consider a steam cleaning service from Keystone Preservation.


In addition to making your home look aesthetically pleasing this Christmas, it also rids you of the biological build up, which may be unconsciously transferred to your Christmas lights. Ensure growth doesn’t build up over the course of the year while your decorations lay dormant in the garage or attic.


Luckily the weather has been relatively mild so far this winter, so there’s still time to ensure your building is prepared before the temperatures drop. Please get in touch or give us a call on 0800 848 8464 today to arrange a quote.

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