Why use Keystone Preservation on your listed building?


At Keystone Preservation, we don’t just focus on residential or commercial properties; we’re also specialists in preserving historic or listed buildings. Whether these buildings are privately owned or owned by a public body, we can clean and help preserve the exterior.


Chemical-free cleaning

The main benefit of using Keystone to clean your listed building is that it offers a chemical-free, steam-cleaning solution. This contrasts with other steam cleaners and pressure washers which may contain cleaning agents which can have an adverse effect on your building’s exterior. The DOFF Integra cleaning equipment we use contains high pressured steam and nothing else, ensuring the most natural and safe clean for your building. In addition, the high temperature means that we can offer a deeper clean, removing stains which other pressure washers can’t.


Bacterial removal

One of the bigger issues with older buildings is the build-up of biological matter which can be harmful to your building. This can include things such as moss and algae, and other weather-worn elements which can build up over time, particularly in a historical building. The equipment we use not only ensures the safe removal of any such matter, it also sterilizes the surface area, in order to delay any future build-up.


No planning permission

Many historical and listed buildings require planning permission to carry out any repairs or alterations, which can be time consuming and detrimental to not only the look but also the preservation of your building.

Our 17.75 metre Spiderlift equipment is retractable so that it can fit through a double door, making it the ideal equipment to aid our cleaning of historical buildings of all sizes without the need for planning permission.


Personalised service and audit

We endeavour to offer each client a personalised service, and pride ourselves on our thorough audits of every individual property and surface area. We carry out drone audits on all buildings, to ensure we cover every crevice, in order to give an accurate quote and best clean possible.


For more information on how we can help with your listed building, or to request an audit, please get in touch or give us a call on 0800 848 8464.


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