Steam Cleaning or Pressure Washing – What’s the Difference?


When it comes to cleaning the exterior of your property, there are usually two main solutions available – steam cleaning or pressure washing. The two usually take the form of a fairly similar process in order to remove dirt and bacteria build up on your property, but there are significant differences between steam cleaning or pressure washing.


The method

When it comes to pressure washing, the process sees water flow through a restricted nozzle. The water then comes out at a high pressure, and this pressure is where the cleaning power comes from. This happens regardless of the temperature.

However, with steam cleaning, the focus is on the temperature, which goes to around 150 degrees Celsius. The steam forms the cleaning power here, so the pressure doesn’t have to be as high, and therefore is less likely to damage your surface. A steam cleaner will provide higher temperature and more rapid cleaning the closer to a surface it can get.


Steam cleaning is less harmful

By opting for a steam cleaning solution, you still get a clean finished surface, but with minimal interference. This is because a steam cleaner, such as the DOFF equipment we use, only ever contains high temperature water. However, standard pressure washers often contain additional chemicals and ingredients in their solution in order to get your surface clean. Although your property may still be clean, you may end up damaging the exterior depending on what chemicals are used. On top of this, many people report that they still find an oily film present on the building surface after a pressure clean, as opposed to a film-free finish with a steam cleaning solution.


Steam cleaning protects your building

In addition to the lack of chemicals present, steam cleaning also helps protect your building. By using high temperature water, biological growth is kept at bay. The high temperature kills off biological spores, which then delays regrowth of things like moss and algae. This protects your property by ensuring your building remains in a good condition, with limited damage from outside factors.


Steam cleaning and pressure cleaning may seem like a similar solution, but in actual fact there are a number of differences. There are significant benefits of using a steam cleaning solution such as our DOFF equipment on your building, as opposed to a pressure washer.


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