Protecting our Heritage


As well as cleaning both commercial and residential properties, Keystone Preservation are experts in restoring heritage sites. Whether it’s a local castle, ancient wall or listed building, we can work with the owners to ensure the property is preserved through our non-evasive cleaning service.


Cleaning natural dirt build-up


Most heritage buildings have been around for hundreds of years, so have been exposed to lots of weather and dirt build-up. It may be the case that the property has been cleaned before, but with older buildings this is an investment that should be repeated every decade or so (possibly more frequently depending on building-specific factors) to ensure the building stays looking its best.


Our top of the range steam cleaning equipment which operates at an ultra-high temperature. This ensures your building is properly cleaned, without the aid of any chemicals or excess pressure which could be damaging to an older building.


Killing biological matter


In addition to removing the dirt to restore the material to its natural colour, the ultra-high temperature of our equipment also kills off any unwanted biological matter. This is great news for older buildings and walls which can be plagued with moss and algae build up.


Not only can we remove the biological growth you can see, we also kill off any remnants, ensuring the matter can’t breed. This will help keep your building preserved for longer, as it delays regrowth.


We have already had some fantastic success with heritage buildings, including at St Cecilia’s Hall, Edinburgh. Here we not only undertook general cleaning of the building, but also safely removed graffiti from the exterior, returning the façade to its original state. You can find out more about the restoration project at St Cecilia’s Hall on their website.


For more information on our heritage service, please download our factsheet or give us a call on 0800 848 8464

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