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Factoring companies are employed for the majority of multi-level housing in the UK, ensuring repairs and maintenance are routinely carried out. However, there is one area in which factors could be doing more to ensure the preservation and maintenance of their contracted buildings – they could be undertaking external cleaning.


Painting maintenance

Painting is commonplace in terms of maintenance for factors. Whether internally in the stairwell and communal areas or externally on the building façade, painting is something which factors arrange on a regular basis.

However, painting the exterior of a building may not be the ideal solution. A coat of paint will certainly hide any blemishes or marks, but it will only cover over any problems rather than stop them. A fresh coat of paint will cover over weatherworn dirt or stains from a leaky pipe for instance, but it doesn’t actually address the problems that such staining can cause, over and above unsightliness.


Cleaning and preserving

Keystone Preservation offer a solution to this which both cleans the surface and kills off any bacterial growth. This means you can easily get rid of moss, algae, graffiti and any other unsightly marks caused by the weather or other external factors, rather than simply painting over.

By undertaking external cleaning, your building will not only look fresh and clean, it will be completely clean and free from bacterial growth and other problems associated with dirt build-up. This will delay regrowth of any moss, algae and so on, and will ensure your building is preserved in the best way possible. Any erosion associated with dirt build up is also delayed, therefore keeping your building in a better condition for longer.


Multi-level access

We use the Hinowa Spiderlift equipment which allows us easy access to multi-level buildings. It extends to almost 18m, so we are easily able to clean multi-level buildings, including the roof. This equipment is compact and portable, so there is no need for planning permission to erect this. We can safely use this equipment with our DOFF cleaning equipment on board, ensuring you get the best possible clean throughout.


Test patch

Want to know more about the external cleaning results we can deliver for your property portfolio? Get in touch or give us a call on 0800 848 8464 to arrange a test patch or audit.

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