Reaching New Cleaning Heights – Hinowa Spiderlift


In addition to our excellent DOFF steam cleaning devices, we use various other equipment to safely and accurately clean your building. For most buildings, we also rely on the Hinowa Spiderlift, which allows us to reach new cleaning heights.


What is a Spiderlift?

The Hinowa Spiderlift is a high performance, compact tracked aerial platform. What that basically means is that it’s a piece of equipment which is easy enough for us to transport to your property, but which can extend to great heights to allow us to reach those tricky parts of your building.

In addition, the size and nature of the spiderlift mean that no planning permission is required when it comes to the erection and use of this equipment on your property. This can be particularly useful for those with listed buildings or within the heritage sector, where obtaining planning permission for any building maintenance and improvements can prove tricky.hinowa-spiderlift


Spiderlift features

The Hinowa Spiderlift offers a 230kg capacity for the whole working area, which means both DOFF equipment and operatives can safely occupy the lifting equipment.

When extended, the spiderlift can reach up to 17m working height, plus it offers a flush with the wall trajectory. This allows us to easily and safely reach all aspects of your building, ensuring our work is carried out to the highest standard, in the safest manner.

For ourselves, benefits like the wide range of motorisations and the speed and precision of the movements of the spiderlift mean we are able to operate the equipment efficiently and quickly – ensuring a great outcome for our clients.


Using the spiderlift

We have already used our spiderlift on many differing jobs, from roof cleaning to reaching the exteriors of larger heritage buildings. You can see images of our spiderlift at work on Ivy Cottage roof and at El Cartel our projects page.


For more information on the equipment we use, or to chat about how we can help you, please get in touch or give us a call on 0800 848 8464.

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