Clean up when you sell up


When you take the decision to sell your home, the first thought is to make it look inviting to potential buyers. There are countless articles as to what makes a home appealing, from fresh décor to inviting smells, but the exterior of a home also has a huge part to play in selling the house. Keystone Preservation can help ensure your home looks appealing to potential buyers from the outset.


First impressions

Before a potential buyer has even set foot across the threshold, they will already have a first impression of your home from the condition of the exterior and the garden alone. This is why it’s important to ensure your property has been thoroughly cleaned, inside and out.

Whilst many homeowners may put a fresh coat of paint over the front of their home or opt to resurface the outside of their home, there could be a bigger advantage to using a steam cleaning solution instead.


Preserving and cleaning

As well as removing weather-worn stains from your building, the process used by a steam cleaner such as our DOFF equipment also helps preserve your building. Not only does it clean in a less harmful and evasive way as a regular pressure washer, it also insures biological growth such as algae, moss and lichen are kept at bay, and protects against surface pollutants. This is particularly useful if you are selling a home in an area such as a seaside town, where the exterior of the building can become badly damaged by the minerals in the area. So by using a steam cleaning solution you could negate the need for resurfacing the exterior of your home, and prevent any long-term damage from external forces.


Recognised by real estate professionals

Systems such as DOFF, which we use at Keystone Preservation, are also recognized by those in the housing industry. In this sense, it’s seen as a mark of quality in terms of cleaning and capabilities, so could help your home retain value based on the quality of the clean.


If you are looking to sell your home and have not yet considered the exterior of your property, get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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