Cladding Cleaning – Keeping Your Building Good as New


When it comes to your workplace facilities management, cladding cleaning may not be at the top of your list. However, there are many benefits to keeping your roofing and exterior clean.


At Keystone Preservation, we offer a cladding cleaning service second to none. With our ultra-high temperature steam cleaning equipment, you can trust us to remove any stains or growth build up in an effective and efficient way. As cladding is often put in place to protect your building from weather or other external elements, it’s important to ensure it still lives up to its job as the years go on.


One way of maximising the effectiveness of your cladding is to have it cleaned regularly.


In depth cleaning

Our DOFF equipment offers in-depth cleaning which can tackle things like algae, moss, mould and other types of biological build-up. With safe removal of such build-up, your building not only looks more aesthetically pleasing, it also delays regrowth, ensuring the cladding lasts as long as possible.

More importantly, it cleans without being invasive. By using simply steam and water, there are no detergents or chemicals which could leave residue or affect your cladding.


Covering all cladding

With many different types of cladding available, there can be a lot to consider when it comes to cladding cleaning. For instance, something that may affect timber cladding may not affect aluminium or plastic UPVC cladding and vice versa.  That’s why it’s important to ensure your building is being cleaned by those with the appropriate equipment and credentials. As our steam cleaning solution is less invasive than pressure washing and cleaners using chemicals, you can trust that no matter the cladding surface, Keystone Preservation can offer a safe and thorough clean.

In addition, our staff are covered by accreditations and registry such as IPAF, Stonehealth and SPAB, meaning we can safely work to clean your stone buildings, work with mobile access platforms to reach every inch of your building, and we’re also able to help protect ancient buildings.


Lasting impressions

On top of all the care and repair benefits clean cladding offers, it is also aesthetically pleasing, which can have a positive effect on clients and customers. For example, any visitors, customers, clients or even passers-by will presumably see your building before they see you, your staff or the work you do. If your building looks presentable, it will act as a first impression and positive reflection of how clean and tidy your business is.


For more information on the cladding cleaning work we’ve undertaken, or to obtain a quote for your building, please get in touch.

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