4th Apr 2017

Keystone Preservation Now on Grant Property Approved Supplier List

We have had a busy start to 2017 at Keystone Preservation, and are delighted to announce we have been added to the approved suppliers list for Grant Property.   We are pleased to have been added to the approved suppliers list for the property and investment management company under their improvement services. The appointment comes … Continued

31st Mar 2017

Graffiti Removal – A Sensitive Task

Graffiti is one of the most common types of property damage in the U.K. The act of graffiti has grown significantly in the last 50 years, and has now even become a popular form of street art.  However, when it’s unsolicited, it’s not only deemed as an eyesore but is something which can cause problems … Continued

17th Feb 2017

The Cost of Painting Your Home

Repainting the outside of your house may bring new life to your home, but is it really worth-while in the long-term? Taking into account the cost of paint supplies, labour and painting conditions as affected by the unpredictable UK weather, there could be a more cost-effective and simple solution for you.   Painting over the … Continued

1st Feb 2017

Factors – Factoring in External Cleaning

Factoring companies are employed for the majority of multi-level housing in the UK, ensuring repairs and maintenance are routinely carried out. However, there is one area in which factors could be doing more to ensure the preservation and maintenance of their contracted buildings – they could be undertaking external cleaning.   Painting maintenance Painting is … Continued

11th Jan 2017

Cleaning to the Highest Standards

Take cleaning and protecting your property to the highest standards with Keystone Preservation. We pride ourselves on providing unique cleaning solutions to every building we visit, using only the best products to create quality results. So what is the key to our success? What makes us different and what does this mean for our customers? … Continued

21st Dec 2016

Protecting our Heritage

As well as cleaning both commercial and residential properties, Keystone Preservation are experts in restoring heritage sites. Whether it’s a local castle, ancient wall or listed building, we can work with the owners to ensure the property is preserved through our non-evasive cleaning service.   Cleaning natural dirt build-up   Most heritage buildings have been … Continued

5th Dec 2016

Watch Out for Winter – Prepare Your Home

When it comes to preparing your home for winter, many of us think of cranking up the heating, digging out the thick curtains and draught excluders and looking out the Christmas decorations. Yet we often forget that the exterior of our homes need preparation any winter damage too.   It’s now the season for storms, … Continued

30th Nov 2016

Cladding Cleaning – Keeping Your Building Good as New

When it comes to your workplace facilities management, cladding cleaning may not be at the top of your list. However, there are many benefits to keeping your roofing and exterior clean.   At Keystone Preservation, we offer a cladding cleaning service second to none. With our ultra-high temperature steam cleaning equipment, you can trust us … Continued

17th Nov 2016

Reaching New Cleaning Heights – Hinowa Spiderlift

In addition to our excellent DOFF steam cleaning devices, we use various other equipment to safely and accurately clean your building. For most buildings, we also rely on the Hinowa Spiderlift, which allows us to reach new cleaning heights.   What is a Spiderlift? The Hinowa Spiderlift is a high performance, compact tracked aerial platform. … Continued

27th Oct 2016

Why use Keystone Preservation on your listed building?

At Keystone Preservation, we don’t just focus on residential or commercial properties; we’re also specialists in preserving historic or listed buildings. Whether these buildings are privately owned or owned by a public body, we can clean and help preserve the exterior.   Chemical-free cleaning The main benefit of using Keystone to clean your listed building … Continued


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